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iPod To Computer Transfer

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Recovery Toolbox for CD Free

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iPod to Computer Transfer is
EZ Backup IE and Outlook
EZ Backup IE and Windows Mail
Recovery Toolbox for CD Free
a tool that transfers music
Express Premium makes it
Basic makes it easy to
has been developed for
from iPod to PC.
easy to backup your
backup your favorites, mail
recovering data from
favorites, mail and address
and address book to any
corrupted media of all types
book to any local or network
local, network or removable
that are most common
drive and even to CD/DVD.
nowadays: CD, DVD, HD-DVD,
Blu-Ray, etc. The tool
completely scans disks and
saves as much information as

Date: Apr, 19 2007

Date: Apr, 19 2007

Date: Apr, 19 2007

Date: Apr, 17 2007
Tool was designed to recover
Backup and restore your
EZ Backup Windows Live
EZ Backup Firefox and
files from removable media
Outlook quick and easy. Your
Messenger Pro makes it easy
Thunderbird Pro makes it
that use the FAT file
mails, appointments,
to backup your emoticons,
easy to backup your
systems (FAT12/FAT16/FAT32).
journal, tasks, notes and
backgrounds, winks, user
bookmarks, mail, address
It recovers deleted digital
contacts are saved.
tiles, moods and message
book and settings to any
photos, video and audio
Furthermore your email
history to any local or
local or network drive and
files of various formats,
accounts and other settings
network drive and even to
even to CD/DVD.
documents, messages and
are included in the backup.
other types of data.

Date: Apr, 17 2007

Date: Apr, 15 2007

Date: Apr, 13 2007

Date: Apr, 13 2007
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