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Vista Utilities

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Vista Utilities a single
Presto Transfer IE and
An advanced task scheduler /
Presto Transfer Firefox and
utility works on Windows
Outlook Express helps
automation tool for Windows.
Thunderbird helps transfer
Vista, with our Vista
transfer your favorites,
Client/Server architecture.
your bookmarks, mail,
utilities, you can resolve
mail and address book from
Remote, secure control
address book and settings
all your problems arising
one computer to another.
across the Internet. Start
from one computer to another.
out of slow system speed,
processes, copy files,
interrupted Internet access,
remote scripts. Triggers
unauthorized data access,
that starts jobs can either
Internet thefts, low memory
be based on time or system

Date: Apr, 22 2007

Date: Apr, 19 2007

Date: Apr, 15 2007

Date: Apr, 13 2007
Presto Transfer Windows Live
Presto Transfer Word helps
Presto Transfer My Photos
Presto Transfer Access helps
Messenger helps transfer
transfer your Word Documents
helps transfer your Photos
transfer your Microsoft
your emoticons, backgrounds,
from one computer to another.
and Images from one computer
Access Databases from one
winks, user tiles, moods and
to another.
computer to another.
message history data from
one computer to another.

Date: Apr, 13 2007

Date: Mar, 25 2007

Date: Mar, 25 2007

Date: Mar, 25 2007
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