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#1 Smart Audio Burner

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Vacation Rental Tracker Plus

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Active Phone Server

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A self-contained index-based
Smart Audio Burner is a
Vacation Rental Tracker Plus
Answering machine plays back
network search engine that
powerful yet easy to use
is an easy-to-use rental
a greeting and records a
indexes all shared files in
software that allows you to
management software
message. Recorded messages
your local area network and
create your own custom music
suite for anyone who rents
are common wav-files. Caller
provides users with the
CDs that can be played in
property on a short term
ID displays caller ID
ability to locate necessary
any standard home or car
basis. Keep track of all
information when call is
files within a few seconds.
stereo. Works on all Windows
your rental units,
received. Customizable
Built-in web-server and
reservations, guests, rental
voice/melodies for each
database ensure easy
income and expenses. Mac and
phone number and more...
Windows Free Trial

Date: Apr, 17 2007

Date: Apr, 15 2007

Date: Apr, 15 2007

Date: Apr, 15 2007
Advanced Installer For Java
Advanced Installer
Video Caster is a streaming
Smart Email Verifier will
4.8 is a Windows Installer
Professional 4.8 is a
media creation tool designed
check every email address
authoring tool with built-in
Windows Installer authoring
to capture, encode, and
from a given mailing list
support for Java
tool which enables
publish your media files
and determine if e-mails are
applications, integrating
developers and system
online. Encode your files
still valid. It does 3
them fully into the Windows
administrators to easily
to Windows Media format and
levels of checking; e-mail
OS and making them look and
build reliable MSI packages.
ftp to your streaming server.
syntax, existence of SMTP
feel just like a native
mail server and e-mail box
on server.

Date: Apr, 15 2007

Date: Apr, 15 2007

Date: Apr, 15 2007

Date: Apr, 15 2007
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