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Estard Data Miner

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Forex Market Hours Monitor

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ABBYY ScanTo Office

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Data mining software, able to
Forex Market Hours is a handy
ABBYY ScanTo Office is a scan
unearth hidden relations in
freeware program that allows
conversion utility that
data. The newest data mining
keeping track on active
converts paper to electronic
techniques, built in
Forex market sessions
documents. It is ideal for
wizards, intuitive interface
worldwide. Converting
users looking for easy to
and rich functionality make
current user's time this
use solution to quickly scan
Estard Data Miner a powerful
Program can be used by all
paper or convert images into
end-to-end analytical
forex traders trading in any
editable Microsoft® Office
time zone.
documents or as e-mail attach

Date: Oct, 31 2006

Date: Jul, 14 2006

Date: Nov, 11 2005
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