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Beginning Relationships in Rails

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Set up Ruby on Rails in Windows

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This article is not intended
The Rails framework takes
Here's a quick Howto on
IBM DeveloperWorks has a
to be a booster piece for
most of the headache away
setting up Ruby on Rails for
helpful howto on how to
Rails nor is it an expose.
from developing these
bring the worlds of Ruby on
It’s simply an
relationships and almost
Rails and your DB2 framework
introduction to the
entirely eliminates the need
together. From the article:
technology. It contains both
to write low-level queries
'Because Rails emerged from
praise and criticism. At
to your database. If you've
the open source world, until
times the criticism might
spent time writing those
recently you had to use
appear a bit heavy handed
queries, Rails' ActiveRecord
MySQL or PostgreSQL to work
(especially to Rails
will make sense, but for
with it. Now that IBM has
enthusiasts), but
those of you who are just
released a DB2 adapter for
don’t be fooled.
getting started this can be
Rails, it's possible to
Using any Web application
write efficient Web
framework is going to be
applications on top of your
tricky, whether
existing DB2 database
it’s J2EE,
ASP.NET, or PHP. In the long
run, you can be a lot more
productive with Rails than
you can be with many other
Web application development
platforms, but it takes time
to learn the ropes.

Date: Aug, 31 2006

Date: Aug, 31 2006

Date: Aug, 31 2006

Date: Aug, 31 2006
Test-driven development is A
Good Thing. This article
takes the example of a
simple user authentication
system controller and
explain how to do test
driven development using

Date: Aug, 31 2006
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