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Faster pagination in Rails

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Get On Track with Ruby on Rails

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This article details the
RoR's default pagination
Ruby is an interpreted
Test-driven development is A
components of Rails and
methods have a number of
scripting language, just
Good Thing. This article
shows you how it works.Rails
bottlenecks. In this guide
like Python and PHP.
takes the example of a
gives you an extremely quick
you will learn how to use
SitePoint's author Daniel
simple user authentication
way to develop flexible Web
paginating_find to create
Bogan take a look at the
system controller and
applications; this
fast, reusable and good
language and how it can be
explain how to do test
introduction just barely
looking pagination code for
used in web development.
driven development using
touched on what it's like to
your projects. This method
work with Rails. The full
also works for pagination of
framework contains many
find_by_sql queries and even
useful classes and methods
supports find_by_sql with
for carrying out the actions
eager loading!
most used in Web-based

Date: Aug, 31 2006

Date: Sep, 29 2006

Date: Aug, 31 2006

Date: Aug, 31 2006
Applie included Ruby with the
Ruby on Rails is
Because Rails is a young
IBM DeveloperWorks has a
Jaguar OS. In this article,
framework, I thought it
helpful howto on how to
Jim explains how to use this
web-application framework.
would be helpful to write up
bring the worlds of Ruby on
pure object oriented
Rails uses ActiveRecord
what I consider best
Rails and your DB2 framework
scripting language by
database abstraction classes
practices when coding with
together. From the article:
exploring Ruby's features.
to work with SQL tables.
it both for my new coworkers
'Because Rails emerged from
However, sometimes it is
and the web at large.
the open source world, until
more convenient to work with
Here’s my current
recently you had to use
plain SQL queries(without
draft. Feel free to critique
MySQL or PostgreSQL to work
any model classes) for
and comment. I’m
with it. Now that IBM has
specific database operations.
very open to suggestions.
released a DB2 adapter for
Rails, it's possible to
write efficient Web
applications on top of your
existing DB2 database

Date: Aug, 31 2006

Date: Nov, 06 2006

Date: Sep, 02 2006

Date: Aug, 31 2006
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