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Rails and SQL queries

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Ruby is a great language to
Yes, you can run Ruby on
Ruby on Rails is
SUSIE is a simple image
use to create a dynamic
Windows and eRuby on Windows
gallery that is an
website. Here's how to use
IIS web servers. Ruby has
web-application framework.
opensource eRuby
it to do CGI scripting.
many features to process
Rails uses ActiveRecord
application. It is
Using eRuby ERB templating
text files and to do system
database abstraction classes
interesting because it shows
to seperate the HTML from
management tasks as
to work with SQL tables.
how Ruby, a powerful and
the script makes CGI a
languages like Perl or
However, sometimes it is
fully object oriented
perfect alternative to using
Python do. Ruby is also a
more convenient to work with
programming language can be
the Rails framework. Easy
great web scripting
plain SQL queries(without
used to do the tiniest of
and faster than you would
language. Follow this
any model classes) for
tasks. Ruby can be used as a
expect. So easy in fact that
tutorial and you can use
specific database operations.
fast procedural code
you may forget about using
Ruby on your Windows IIS web
language that rivals PHP and
Rails all together.
server by setting up eRuby
still do things in OOP that
to process *.rhtml pages.
Java and C# cannot.

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Date: Jan, 07 2007
How to setup a Windows
If you want create a dynamic
Test-driven development is A
This article covers the basic
development PC and a shared
web page that works on more
Good Thing. This article
services provided by the
web host environment so you
than just MySQL then try
takes the example of a
ActionView. The ActionView
can start developing Ruby
Ruby DBI. Ruby DBI will help
simple user authentication
helps you present data to
web applications in the same
you create a single database
system controller and
your users. Keep reading to
way you do PHP, embedded in
interface for connecting
explain how to do test
learn some terminology and
HTML. Ruby is easy to learn
your web application to
driven development using
study an example application.
and has features that make
multiple database types like
it more useful than other
MySQL, PostGreSQL and SQL
web scripting languages. Now
Server. This article also
you can use eRuby to create
explains some of the typical
robust web applications and
mistakes made when
installing Ruby DBI.

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Date: Aug, 31 2006
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