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Velakor Feeds

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Velakor Notes

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IP2Location Ruby Library

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Web based project management
Feeds is an open source Ruby
Notes is a Ruby on Rails
IP2Location is a Ruby library
tool for software
on Rails feed reader
application designed to be a
that enables the user to
development projects.
application. Ajax is
simple and fast to-do and
find the country, region,
Featuring: Issue tracking,
used in many places to
notes manager. Ajax is
city, coordinates, zip code,
Code browser (Subversion
improve the speed of the
used in many places to
ISP and domain name that any
SVN), Changeset and revision
application. Stay tuned
improve the speed of the
IP address or hostname
management, Wiki,
for more cool features to
application. Stay tuned
originates from. It has been
Announcement Blog, Multiple
come in future versions.
for more cool features to
optimized for speed and
repositories and projects.
Instructions: Keyboard
come in future
memory utilization.
Similar to Trac but with
shortcuts: * S - Stars
versions. The “Pages”
Developers can use the API
additional features and a
an item * P - Stars an
section allows the creation
to query all IP2Location™
stronger focus on simplified
item * A - Archives (marks
of Notes and To-do lists
binary databases for
as read) an item * ,
(items in to-do lists are
applications written in C or
(comma) - Move up * .
sortable); you can also add
supporting static/dynamic
(point) - Move down
images and files to a
“Page”. A “Page” can be made
public so that anyone can
view it. The “Tabs”
section is a list of notes;
while “Pages” are designed
for temporary storage of
information, the “Tabs”
section is designed as a
permanent archive of notes -
also has search
functionality. The
“Notepad” section is a
simple text area where you
can save temporary
information. The “Chat”
section allows the creation
of chat rooms; you can add
users to each chat room.
Chatting does not require
refreshing the page in the
browser. The
section is a place where you
can set reminders - notices
you receive by e-mail at
specified times.

Date: Jan, 07 2007

Date: Dec, 28 2006

Date: Dec, 24 2006

Date: Dec, 01 2006
Ruby XML library for parsing
This is a simple Ruby on
Radiant is a no-fluff, open
RailFrog is a user-friendly,
and creating XML. Advanced
Rails weblog application
source content management
open-source web site
API for XML compression, XML
with support for tagging,
system designed for small
deployment and content
encryption, and handling XML
archiving and quick-search.
teams. Radiant
management system built with
binary content. Fully
It features a simple admin
features: An elegant user
Rails; producing well
internationalized to handle
section with authentication
interface Flexible
structured and
any language / character
and a focus on writing over
templating with layouts,
standards-compliant pages
all else. The app is
snippets, page parts, and a
with Web 2.0 goodness.
therefore limited by default.
custom tagging
language Special
page-oriented plugins called
behaviors A simple user
management/rights system

Date: Oct, 22 2006

Date: Oct, 09 2006

Date: Aug, 31 2006

Date: Aug, 31 2006
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