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Free META tag generator

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Website submission to search
Submit your site to over 50
A tool to analyze the Meta
You can create META tags
engines and directories. Our
search engines for free,
tags from web pages. This
using our free and simple
service includes guaranteed
please note some search
script analyze not only the
generator tool. META tags
inclusion in Google, Yahoo
engines may require your
Meta Tags but also the web
are not magic and you most
and MSN. The premium
email conformation for
page keyword relevancy,
likely won't get top search
service options include
keywords in the page,
engine results from using
powerful website promotion
webpage load time and try to
them alone, but they do help
features such as guaranteed
use the same spider
search engines to determine
listings on Google or
technology as the search
what your page is about so
Yahoo's first page within 3
engines spiders them self.
can help your rankings.
days, first page top
This generator helps you
listings for relevant
to create the following
keywords, page-rank boost
tags: * Title (not
and local-coverage packages.
really a meta tag but
yeah) * Description *
Abstract *
Classification * Author *
Copyright * Robots *

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We submit your site free for
Why spend several hours
A free URL submission service
Our Submission List provides
more to 130 engines , no
submitting your site
to many search engines and
the top Engines and some of
lost your time !
manually to each search
directories. Submit a single
the best Minor Search
engine, while you can submit
URL or multiple URL's in
Engines on the WEB If A
your URL from one place to
Search Engine Changes it's
all of them just by filling
service to Pay Per Click or
out one simple form that
Goes out of Business it is
only asks for your web site
removed from the list. Also
URL and email address. Your
if we find a new hot Search
URL will automatically be
Engine we will add it to the
submitted to several top
list (we have a max number
ISEDN search engines &
of 24 Engines on our form
directories, all for FREE.
that can be made available)
Once the user submits his
Web Site a screen displays
the results showing each
Search Engine.

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Date: Feb, 01 2006
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