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Survey Matrix

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Questionnaire creator

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With ContestWizard you can
Use Survey Matrix to
This tool creates HTML code
A service to generate PHP
create an online contest in
instantly create great
which you can copy and paste
code for Multiple Choice
just 5 minutes. The contest
looking easy to use surveys.
to your homepage to create
Questions. Users must fill a
is a simple quiz. You can
Users take your survey and
questionnaires your site
form with the questions,
easily integrate the contest
results can produced anytime
visitors can answer.
responses and answers. For
in your website using
using drill-down stats and
each question up to 5
autogenerated codes. This
real-time charts. Also do
responses may be available.
types of contests are very
cross-tabluation stats
The service will provide a
effective to increase
(gender vs. income) all
copy and paste code which
traffic to your website,
must be placed in the
activate and educate your
server. The script may be
visitors and get subscribers
use for autoevaluation (data
to your newsletter.
from users is not

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Date: Mar, 16 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006
We glad to offer to your the
If you need content and a
The Quiz & Test service
uniq opportunity to place on
game for your website, Quick
provides users with a way to
your site Prophecy by Date
Draw Trivia wraps up both
compose and administer
of Birth. Your site visitors
needs in one package. And
custom quizzes. You can
will enter their own date of
It's free. No MySQL or PHP
either link to the quiz from
birth and day of interest in
programming. Just copy and
your website, or access the
a form and after pressing
paste the scripts to your
URL directly. Many options
"Submit" button
web page. The players
including time limit,
the popup window with answer
submit name and email
anti-retake, and more...
of query will open. Every
address to be posted in the
Powerful enough to
visitor can use the service
ranking pool. Those emails
administer serious tests, as
unlimited times!
addresses are stored for you
well as simple enough to
Advantages of the
giving you potential
offer fun quizzes from your
service: 1. quantity of
customers for your
visitors will increase (this
servise very popular!) 2.
Updating of the script not
required! Just once install
and it works! 3. PHP,
PERL, Datebase are not
required. Just place the
script into your page. The
script works on every sites
of every hosting (evn free
hostings). 4. Our script
will not transfer your
visitor to other site like
other services doing.
Visitor will use the servise
only from your website! It's
very important issue for all
webmasters! How it
works? Please find form
below, enter your data and
get result. Same form and
prossess will on your site.

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