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Add one simple line of code,
We offer free, remotely
Remotely Hosted, 100% Free
Add the Tell-A-Friend service
and your visitors can easily
hosted tell a friend forms
Tell a Friend !! Just had
to your pages and your
share your URL on 50+ sites
that you can put on your
the link to your Tell a
website visitors can send an
(like digg.com, del.icio.us,
website to encourage
Friend on your site so your
email to a friend that
technorati, etc.) with this
visitors to share it with
Visitors can send any web
recommends your website as a
"one-click simple"
their friends.
page to friend -You can
great place to visit. The
interface. TagBlitz
totally change Tell a Friend
Tell-A-Friend form is
automatically grabs your
Design, - Add your OWN Logo,
completely customizable with
page's URL, Title,
signup for this easy to use
basic HTML and super easy to
Description, and Keywords
tell a friend service. In
and parses them into
your admin section you have
clickable submit buttons for
full control over the
the various tagging and
configuration and E-Mails
social bookmarking websites,
that are send
as well as email, AIM,
etc. Available for any
website or blog regardless
of whether you use HTML,
PHP, etc., or in several
variations developed for
specific platforms.
Special versions available
for: Blogger Moveable
Type WordPress Coppermine
Photo Gallery (PHP script)

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Date: Jan, 25 2006
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Refer-A-Buddy is a "tell
and get your site listed on
optimization (SEO) it is
search directories,
a friend" viral
a search engine friendly
best to have a proper title,
classifieds and search
marketing tool for your web
list, A great way to
description, and keywords
site. It is easy to install
increase your page rank and
associated to your web
(just copy and paste into
visitor numbers.... Unlike
pages. Using the Meta Tag
your web page).
other directories we have a
Creator below will create
Refer-A-Buddy sends
custom feature not found
the necessary html tags
attractive HTML web site
anywhere else with out
necessary to get your site
recommendations by email
'Advanced Referer
fully optimized for search
(with automatic adjustment
Tracker'... This means you
engine bots. After entering
for email clients that are
can get a FREE site Wide
the proper entries into each
'text only'). There are
text link to your site
text box you will be
privacy statement options
simply by linking to
provided with the essential
that allow you to build your
us... Every time someone
codes needed to place in
opt in email list in full
clicks our link we will
your web pages.
conformance with the
track the page it came from
principles of permission
and then display that link
based marketing.
site wide for FREE.
Guarenteed to increase page
rank and visitors..... Site
wide text links usually cost
$150 per month, you get one
for FREE simply by linking
to us!

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