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Online Encryption Tool

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IP Address Blocker

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Image Verification

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M8B Password Strength Analyser

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Are you worried about the
Ban unwanted visitors from
A web service for form image
This is a very good Password
security of your data on
your website using this
verification. It returns the
Strength Analyser for you to
internet?? then try our
remotely hosted IP Address
location of the image to
include on your own site if
Online Encryption Tool. It
Blocker. Great tool if you
display in your form and the
you so wish or you can just
will help you to encrypt
don`t have the ability to
matching text. This will
use if on ours. So don't
your data in base64, ascii,
place PHP scripts on your
help stop robots and scripts
worry about if your password
binary, hex, l33t, ROT-13,
website/homepage or if your
from entering fake data into
is secure have it analysed
DES, CRC16, CRC32, md5 &
website/blog is remotely
your site.
today. If your password
many other formats. You can
hosted and a Javascript IP
fails you will be given to
encrypt your password,
Ban doesn`t work. This
option to use a Password
codes, emails &
tool will work!
Generator to make up to 50
essential data & send
passwords at once. The
anywhere in the internet
Password Strength Analyser
without any problem. The
will give you some good
decryption of data in
pointers and where your
base64, l33t, ascii, binary,
password fails and what to
hex are supported with this
do about it.
program. & you can do
all this absolutelty Free!!!

Date: Nov, 30 2006

Date: Sep, 27 2006

Date: Sep, 19 2006

Date: Mar, 24 2006
Remote Locker is a unique
This service will convert a
BTT-Crypt is an online stand
Protect source of your PHP
online security system that
text-based Email Address to
alone encryptor for php
scripts by encoding it.
enables you to monitor the
a graphic-based Email
devolpers. Several differnet
Requires no changes at
use of your e-books and
Address. You can then
version thru the selcetion
server, works at Linux,
software by IP address and
download the graphic and
menu. The preselected menu
Windows, FreeBSD, MacOS,
log-in and disable
upload to your server. This
selected is the one of the
SunOS, IBM and any other
individual license keys in
will allow you to post your
most powerful selections to
platform. Hide source,
the event of refunds or
Email Address on your
give youa "Zend
logins, private information
illegal copying. Another
website or as your forum
like" output that is
and even HTML. No charges,
unique feature is the
signature (on your site or
self executed thru your
encode for free! No install,
facility to be able to
other sites) without
internet browser. Hide your
encode online!
assign trial periods to your
worrying about email robot
source code and save yout
software which automatically
harvesters capturing your
intellectual propoerty from
expire unless purchase
Email Address for spamming
would be hackers.
within a set time.
purposes. One of many
graphics tools you will find
in our ArtRoom!

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Date: Mar, 05 2006

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Date: Sep, 13 2005
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