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Do you have a Web site, but
Create a Free Personal URL in
Long URLs that don't fit on
Shorten long urls ensuring
no one can remember your
5 Seconds! 7P6.NET is a
one line often aren't
they will not break in
address? Is your HomePage
Free URL Redirection
clickable after you e-mail
emails and on forum posts.
too hard to remember? Our
Service. You can use it to
them. They can also be
Choose between getting the
service automatically
turn long, ugly urls into a
tedious to type out on
shortest possible url or
redirects your sub-domain to
simple ones like this:
Web-enabled cellphones.
pick your own, easy to
your existing business,
ShrinkURL.to Shrinks Long
remember, shortcut.
country domain, personal or
Advanced Features: -
web addresses .to a much
free website. Get a free
Track how many people have
smaller one like
subdomain like
visited your url and where
they came from! - Edit
your Meta Tags - 7P6.net
Exclusive Links Bar -
Trade/sell links directly
from your url! Uses of
7P6.net: - Shorten your
Myspace, Xanga, and Youtube
urls. - Create a site with
a free host and use 7P6.NET
for your URL. - Use
7P6.NET to shorten a url
that you are sending to a
friend. - Shorten your
Ebay auctions page. - Make
money! You can create as
many urls that you want FOR
FREE! So what are you
waiting for?! Go to the
simple form above to get

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Are you tired of remembering
This free URL redirection
A simple and pure service for
Tired of your long urls or
long favorite urls? Sign up
service replaces your
shortening and redirecting
you dont like your domain
at our url service and
lengthy Web site address
long URLs.
name check out fhurl.com
recieve a short url such as:
with a short URL, such as
free short urls with web
http://YourSite.1-r.us. A
le. You can always change
bonus to using this service
the destination url and
is that, even if you switch
moreover, there are no
hosts, your URL will remain
advertisements at all.
the same. The service is
ad-free and includes handy
features such as URL
cloaking, Website Stats and

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