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Free Url Redirection

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Jump Box Script

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Menu Generator

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HostedScripts Jump Box

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Smooth Redirect Offers
Add up to 30 pages or
This service allows you to
Let your visitors use a drop
completely Free Url
websites to the jump box so
create menus via a web-based
down box to navigate your
Redirection. No messy
that your visitors can
interface. Fully featured.
Web site. Features include:
Registrations, No Signups,
easily navigate your site!
This is a FREE service.
Easy Online Wizard to
Just enter your looooong url
Customize the colors of the
automatically generate the
to make it short. Just
jumpbox to match your
HTML code to utilize its
Smooth Redirection.
website. Links can be
jump box service, and When a
changed or edited without
user picks a destination
having to alter the code on
from your drop down list,
your web pages! This is a
the user will be quickly
great way to free up space
redirected to his new
on your site.

Date: Aug, 04 2006

Date: Dec, 05 2005

Date: Sep, 27 2005

Date: Nov, 22 1999
This remotely hosted CGI
Improve site navgation with
Want people to easily go to
service allows you to place
Drop Down Menus, Radio
another page on your site?
a pull-down menu for your
Buttons, Address Boxs. This
Use Jumporama to create a
visitors to easily navigate
makes even a busy site easy
javascript box just for you!
on your web site.
to navigate and unlimtted
This makes site navigation
amounts of links can be
so easy.
added to each.

Date: Oct, 22 1999

Date: Aug, 09 1999

Date: Jul, 29 1999
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