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Free postcard system

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Aardvark Postcards

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Effex-Media E-Cards Service

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eyucca ecard system

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How much traffic do you get
With Aardvark Postcards, you
Add this great
No Programming needed! Add an
in a month? With our free
can add a gallery of
traffic-building service to
unlimited number of cards!
E-card page for your
photographs (or other
your site and visitors will
Stamps are optional. Use
website, you get an easy to
pictures) to your site that
soon be sending your custom
your own Ecards and stamps,
use E-card. Join now for
can be sent as e-postcards.
designed virtual postcards
design even the back of your
free and have your Ecard
You don't need to know
to friends and family all
Ecards. System also has a
page up and running in
anything about programming.
over the world. Just add
complete notification system
seconds. Fast automatic
It's all very simple to
your own images and sounds
built in once cards have
setup Add your own logo
set-up and requires no
and open up shop!
been picked up. Easy to
Add categories Full
script installation
install and no knowledge of
page control panel Add
knowledge. It's simple for
programming needed. No
music Edit the look of
your website visitors to use
logos, ads or banners so it
your e-card to match your
is perfect to use
commercially or for yourself
or your clients sites. Also
see how many cards have been
sent etc. This is one of our
best sellers! Ask for
examples in use.

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Date: Mar, 29 2004
My Postcards provides
KangarooCards.net allows you
Get your own greeting card
AlfaCards is a free postcard
remotely hosted virtual
to add an unique free e-card
service. Includes a very
service that works by you
postcard services. You
system to your own website.
simple setup and multiple
hosting the html-files,
create your own content and
By setting up your own
txt-files and pictures on
it provides the "card
e-card account at
your own website - giving
engine" to power your
KangarooCards.net your
you the total control of the
site. Unlimited number of
visitors will be able to
layout and emails sent. It
pages and tons of features.
send e-cards from your
hosts the neccesary scripts
Try it FREE!
website all around the world.
and database files for
sending, storing and showing
the postcards to your

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