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Password Protection


OpenCrypt Software Hosting

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Password Strength Analyzer

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OpenCrypt is a fully
The Password Gate service
This service will allow you
Create Encrypted password for
automated and self-managing
creates a gateway that only
to evaluate the strength of
HTACCESS password file to
membership/user management
you can provide the key to.
a password - to assess how
password protect any
system which offers support
Assign a special login name
easily the password can be
directory on your website.
for unlimited
and password to your page
cracked. You should
and only those with the
especially use this service
types, linked to unlimited
right login details will be
when creating sensitive and
member's areas with the
able to go through and see
critical passwords - for
ability to integrate with
pages beyond the Gate
example, FTP, SSH / Telnet,
all major eCommerce payment
and other server management
processors. It includes
passwords. Includes [Random
mailing list, shopping cart,
Password Generator]. This is
and anti-hack tools.
a FREE service.

Date: Dec, 01 2006

Date: Jan, 25 2006

Date: Nov, 23 2005

Date: Sep, 23 2005
Sentry is a low-cost, full
iPasswd is an online password
Created password protected
Free hosted password
featured Password Protection
generation tool for
members sections on your
protected page script. Get
Login System, remotely
.htpasswd files. These files
website, with unlimited
your page protected! Great
hosted. Works with or
store a username and
users, and an optional
for exclusive information to
without PayPal IPN to
password combination (one
unique login page for each
friends, private cam chats
streamline member access and
per line of the file) which
member. Optional and secure
and more! Freely hosted!
administration. Provides
is used with .htaccess Basic
sign-up form allows users to
quick, easy web-based
Authentiication. iPasswd
add themselves to your
management of members who
also supports MD5 passwords,
member database (if
will log into your site
used in Digest
enabled). Several different
using passwords. Lost
methods of accessing the
Passwords handled
members section, including
automatically. Works on ASP
an online login form, or a
or PHP servers (everywhere).
basic auth popup window.
No programs to install or
Also offered is optional
upload, no settings to
code to increase page
change on the server. Easy
to use, totally web-based.
Seamlessly integrates with
your current site and its
rich set of features are
totally customizable.

Date: May, 18 2005

Date: Apr, 16 2005

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Date: Sep, 16 2003
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