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Image Manipulation



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Smilie Creator

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Get your text on any images!
You can protect your images
Thumbnailing is a digital
create your customs smilies
You can use it as a
online by adding your logo
image resizing website aimed
choose faces , eyes and lips
signature generator,
or signature picture on
at those individuals who
no need register easy and
personalize your photos with
them. You can then use these
need to resize an image
fast :)
your messages, or simply
combined pictures on your
without having to use a
watermark any images that
web sites, blogs or the
Image Editing Software or a
you'll be posting on forums
e-mails you send. This will
specialized thumbnail
or online profile pages so
help you to use your
creating software.
that people can't steal
pictures for advertising
those images from you.
your site, and protecting
your graphic work. Keep in
mind that any interesting
pictures reaches to
thousands of people by the
e-mailing chains and groups,
which would even create a
worldwide reputation for
your site. Or, you can use
these merged images on your
web site for a more
professional look. You don't
need to buy expensive
graphic software, nor spend
hours of work. It's easy and
it's free !

Date: Dec, 18 2006

Date: Dec, 16 2006

Date: Oct, 17 2006

Date: Sep, 29 2006
Create your own customized
Just type in what you want
Create Gif Animations with
TheSmilies.com offers a Free
emoticon signs that are
and all letters will be
sound! Files are currently
online glitter textmaker
perfect for forums, myspace
converted to smileys holding
playable only with our
where you can quickly and
and your own websites! Just
the letters
server decoder but that may
easily generate free glitter
select the smiley, enter
change as development
your text and copy the code.
progresses and browser
plugins become available.
Other applications should
be developed soon as well,
including a GifAudio Ecard
system. Server upgrades
are in progress to improve
this system so this is all
still experimental at this
time. Please check back
often for updates to the
redistributable decoder, and
the encoder pages.

Date: Sep, 22 2006

Date: Sep, 22 2006

Date: Aug, 08 2006

Date: Aug, 04 2006
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