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FormMail Xtreme

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FormMail Xtreme is a remotely
Email Me Form is a complete
Forms designer makes creating
Over 100,000 websites trust
hosted form processing
form processing solution,
order, contact, registration
us for their forms. We've
service that includes
that allows you to design,
and a lot of kind of forms
been around since 1998, and
advanced features such as
create and have your online
more easily. Easy
found that when people want
field validation, fully
web forms working and
installation to your website
forms, they just want to get
customizable and
processed within minutes, no
wherever you need, a lot of
it done and not mess around
personalized autoresponder
html or programming
prepared kind of forms, a
with programming, wondering
emails, mailing list sign
knowledge needed ( not even
lot of prepared color
why something isn't
up, collection of submission
a bit ). You can easily
templates, individual color
working. We've spent
data on the server for later
create Mortgage, Housing,
and font modification, own
YEARS continually improving
download, and much more!
Survey, and Contact Us forms
definitions of the all items
our software, with the goal
by following a few steps
in the form, sending all
of making it easy to use.
with the easy to use wizard,
informations to your e-mail
You can now put a form on
specifying the number, name
and visitor's e-mail.
your site in 10 minutes
and type of input fields,
flat, with NO NEED for
the colors, and all other
programming or any HTML
needed data. Every time one
knowledge. We're the
submits the form you will be
only company in our industry
sent an email with the
to offer a toll-free phone
submitted information.
for our users:
Features: optional captcha
1-800-583-6455 Call us
image verification ( to stop
anytime, and thanks for
automated submissions ),
checking us out. - Aaron
view the ip of submitter,
Dragushan (owner)
autoredirect to 'thank you'
page, field validation,
optional send copy to
submitter, exporting to
Excel, statistics, unlimited
submissions, unlimited
forms, unlimited sites,
online administration
control panel, all for free!
Many real life samples
available on website.

Date: Dec, 26 2006

Date: Dec, 24 2006

Date: Dec, 04 2006

Date: Nov, 23 2006
Your visitors need to be able
This script simply gets all
A great form processor with a
Free Form to E-mail Solution
to contact you, but you
the form data and sends it
lof of different features to
with no obligations or
don't want to publish your
to a specified email
fit your needs. After being
restrictions. No
email address online because
address. Then the user will
subscribed, you can setup as
Advertisments. Unlimited and
of spam. That is a good
be redirected to an also
many forms as you want. For
with many features such as
reason to create one or more
specified URL. This version
every form field you can
Autoresponder etc. Very
mail form(s) at
of LI-Formmail offers no
choose between different
simple setup. Features
webtools4u.net. You can add
validation. It's ideal for
validations like checking
* Auto-responders * No
two fields of your own
simple forms. The only
for a valid email address, a
Advertisements * Ability to
choice. Confirmation
requirement is 2 extra
none empty field, numbers or
protect your e-mail address
message, auto-responder,
hidden form fields in your
no validation. No hidden
from spammers * Unlimited
form to make this script
form fields are required.
Submissions * E-mail to
work for you.
You can setup everything
multiple recipients * Setup
that is needed at the
Unlimited forms from a
LI-Formmail page. For every
single account. * Security
form you have, you can set a
Code Protection and much
different email address to
which the entry needs to be
send. The same is true for
the redirection address
after a succesful entry. If
one or more field entries
are not according to the
validation you set for those
fields, the user will get a
list with field names that
need to be corrected.

Date: Sep, 11 2006

Date: Sep, 03 2006

Date: Sep, 03 2006

Date: Sep, 01 2006
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