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Expenses Tracker

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QuoteBreeze - Online Quotes

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Expenses Tracker is an easy
QuoteBreeze provides an
Increase your international
DonationBooster allows you to
to use online tracking tool
interactive insurance quote
user base instantly.
setup virtual fundraising
that will help you track
builder that lets your
preCharge offers Dynamic
campaigns and visibly track
your personal finance. This
clients request quotations
Currency Conversion for your
their progress using a
tool used Web 2.0 (AJAX)
for Auto, Home, Life, Health
website. You can now
thermometer style bar chart
technology to provide more
and Long Term Care
instantly give your
that automatically updates
user interactivity and
insurance. You can place our
customers the ability to
with each donation! Donors
experiences. Features
quote builder on any website
convert any price on your
enjoy feeling like their
include Add multiple
simply by copying and
website to their home
donations are going to a
accounts, add transactions,
pasting HTML code. All quote
currency. Inline with your
specific program (your
organize payee and category,
requests are forwarded
site, no popups or
campaign), and top donors
sub-category list and view
directly to the agent, and
registration required for
appreciate the recognition
customized report. Try it
the client also receives a
your users. Over 180+
that you can grant them
now at ExpensesTrackr.com.
custom thank you letter.
currencies updated daily.
through the fully
QuoteBreeze also offers
customizable layout of
complete, instant websites
having their names placed at
for Insurance Agents and
the top of the donor list.

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Date: Feb, 20 2006
<P>Dynamic Converter is
Use this tool to calculate
I spent some time writing
Give your visitors an easy
a service that can be added
simple calculations you need
some real estate
way to calculate exchange
to any e-commerce web site.
answered everyday. This tool
calculators. If anyone needs
rates by putting the
Dynamic Converter allows
also has a keyboard feature.
a calculator for their site
Currency Exchange Calculator
your site to display
I am offering them free for
on your site. Excellent for
products prices in the
use by other webmasters. I
travel, international, or
visitors selected currency
designed the page to be
reference/information sites.
inline along side your base
generic so it could fit into
Hundreds of currencies
currency. <P>For
other peoples sites. There
listed. Hosted and
example, your US dollar
are two options. The first
maintained by
product prices could look
option should work on all
onyoursite.com, displayed on
like this for someone from
browsers. The second option
your site through a short
Australia:<BR> US
is a little fancier so it
asp script.
$100.00<BR> AU
might not work in older
browsers but it hides the
<P>It is easy to
address bar so users cannot
install (1 line of code) and
see they have left your
supports all available
domain. Anyway have fun. I
shopping carts.
am probably going to write
<P>Dynamic Converter
some more so feel free to
is free and can be added to
send requests for additional
any website by simply adding
1 line of code to the bottom
of your site. <P>A
Live Demonstration is
available that allows you to
see exactly what your site
could look like with it

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