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How much traffic do you get
InterFAQs is highly advanced
Just with one HTML Code Line,
application providing a
in a month? With our free
knowledge base software. It
add a 100% Free FAQs Manager
knowledge base/faq solution
links page service for your
will allow you to automate
on your site You add
for your website. With the
website, you get an easy to
your customer support in a
your questions and Answers
ability to reduce Customer
use add link. Join now for
professional and efficient
directly in your Members
Service calls and emails by
free and have your link page
manner for less than $1 per
Area If your visitor
up to 80% you will quickly
up and running in seconds.
day. InterFAQs can reduce
doesn't find the answer to
see a high ROI. Features
repetitive phone calls and
your question, he will find
include: advanced learning
emails by up to 50% as well
a form to ask for this
search engine (key for your
as reduce spam. Answer each
question and you just have
Customers to find the
email question only once and
to register your answer in
answers they want),
have it automatically added
the FAQs Manager
categorisation of articles ,
to your FAQ system. Free
full HTML articles, article
unrestricted 30 day trial.
rating, printing and
"email to friend"
functionality, "look
and feel" and styling
customisation, reporting and
visuals to allow you to see
exactly which articles are
working, what isn't and what
needs adding (your Customers
indirectly tell *you* what
needs adding!). Pricing is
based on traffic received,
on a monthly basis.

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Date: Oct, 13 2005
With our FAQ's you have
The Frequently Asked
SupportMeAngel is a live and
Querybot is an interactive
different layouts option to
Questions (FAQ) Database
automated chatbot virtual
FAQ/Knowledgebase system
chose from for the way your
service allows you to set up
support assistant allowing
that be answering your
FAQ's are listed on the web
and maintain categorized
any website business to
customers' questions in less
page. With our FAQ's you can
question and answer sets to
place their customer support
than an hour. Querybot acts
make the web page look any
give visitors helpful
on auto-pilot, 24 hours a
as your 24 by 7 customer
way you want. You can add
information about your
service front line. It
HTML, Java script, etc. to
products or services.It's
instantly answers repetitive
the top and or bottom of the
simple, but powerful, so you
questions, while forwarding
web page.
don't need programming
unresolved issues to you by
knowledge and you can setup
email. The system records
for less than 2 minutes. You
all questions asked and
can setup your own header
gives you detailed usage
and footer, search question
statistics so you know
and many more benefit.
exactly what your customers
are asking. The system is
designed to improve over
time as new customer
questions are recorded and
resolved. Querybot requires
absolutely no programming,
software installation or
working with scripts. You
simply sign up for a free
trial account and copy some
HTML code to your site.
Querybot gives small
businesses and organizations
access to the advanced
customer service technology
used by big companies.
Awarded 5 cows by Tucows.

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