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ASCII Code Table

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XReadme Online Readme Generator

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Web Developer Time Monitor

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HTML Code Converter

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A handy ASCII table useful
Developed by Beaver6813,
WDTMonitor is our solution of
The converter transforms the
for displaying special
the XReadme Generator allows
tracking billing records,
text you type into the
characters on a webpage.
you easily, through a web
including: time, dollar
standard HTML code that
interface to make a readme
amount, description of work
every browser can recognize
for any script or program
and even client's
without altering the
you desire, it includes
correspondence for multiple
character encoding. Use the
bonus features such as a
clients or companies. The
"Filter tag"
built in ASCII Art generator
Application can even be used
option if you would like to
for the scripts name. You
as private troubleshooting
preserve the HTML
are able to choose from a
board between freelancer or
formatting. Use the other
variety of options, of what
web developer and its
two options if you would
you want to appear in your
clients. You can give access
like to show the HTML tags
script! Just enter your
to client and they can post
as text on the page.
information and it will
their responses or comments.
generate a README.txt file!
We wrote this online
application two years ago
and are using it since very
successfully, keeping
billing records of our
clients on this server.
At a first step you would
have to create Developer
Account. Once you are in,
create Client, Add Client’s
Contacts and default monthly
budget for this client and
your account is ready. Go
ahead, Add Job and start
using the application. It
should be easy and fan,
specially looking at your
previous month's postings
and correspondence with
client in regards of seeing
your company growing.

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Solmetra's Regular Expression
If you have a block of HTML
This cool HTML editor allows
Build your own website
Test Tool is a useful
code and wish to convert it
you to make an entire
quickly and easily with Site
resource for programmers
to well formed PHP this tool
webpage using it! Allows you
Builder Gold. 1000's of
looking for a quick and easy
is right for you. Formatted
to add pictures, links,
tailorable designs to choose
way to test their regular
code allows for easy
blockquotes, and much more
from, full E-commerce
expressions. Both PERL and
variable insertion.
for a stunning webpage.
facility, online image
POSIX compatible regexes are
editing tool, blogs tools,
supported. The service
photo album, Flash intro
supports many options
creator, form creation tools
including choosing various
and much much more.
regex invocation functions,
case-sensitivity, flags,
replacement data with

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