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GeoDataSource Cities Database
GroupSharp makes it easy to
Searchable Member prebuilt
Free structure
Basic Edition contains city
share simple lists or
Databases,credit card
synchronization service for
names in original language
powerful databases. Simply
processing,online graphical
MySQL databases. It compares
and English, feature type
copy and paste from your
editing, & more built in
the structure of two similar
classifications, country
Excel or Access database and
Seconds! Free standing site
databases and produces a set
names in FIPS and ISO,
you will be up and running.
with own subdomain or by
of alter statements that
regions and sub-regions.
Because it is a hosted
inserting one line of code
will make the structure of
Database in text format
solution, you never have to
into your web page so the
the target database
suitable for applications
worry about maintence,
info source is kept secret!
identical to the structure
requiring a complete list of
security or backups - we
of the source database.
city names. Please visit
take care of all of that for
you. You can export to
com for more information.
Excel at any time, so you
never have to worry about
being locked in.
Features: *
Excel-like, fast point and
click editing * Filter,
sort, and query your data
* Build web forms and
views * Import from and
Export to Excel * Add
relationships between
tables * Insert images
and manage files
GroupSharp is perfect
for: * Contact Lists
* Work flow tracking *
Customer Database *
Issue Tracking * Expense
Management * Case

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Date: Dec, 21 2005
Upload your schema to this
baseportal is a web-based
We are providing absolutely
This tool supports SSH Tunnel
online application and gives
database platform. Use it
free MySQL databases to
and other useful features
yourself a head start
from anywhere from any
users. We are at your
such as import/ export and
creating your database
computer without programming
service to keep your
backup. With this tool,
abstraction layer for your
knowledge - for free! Within
databases online, up and
user can easily connect to
php / mysql application.
minutes the first database
running. That's a
their remove MySQL server
dbClassBuilder will parse a
is created. Adapt the design
guarantee! As we all
without the need of
file creating INSERT,
to your own needs and if you
know there are thousands of
modifying any privileges.
SELECT, and UPDATE functions
are an experienced user you
free and paid hosting
Connection is easy to setup
for each table definition
can use your own programs as
providers out on the web,
and all data transfer is
found in the uploaded
but when it comes to MySQL
protected by SSL encryption.
database schema. It's
databases, you either can't
simple to use, all you need
have one or your stuck with
to do is upload your schema!
only a few. Well those
Try it now!
days are over; with
FreeMySQL.net you are given
3 databases, after you
activate your account. You
have 3 options to administer
your databases:
FlashMyAdmin, FreeMySQL.net
Admin and PHPMyAdmin with
each using web interface
provided for ease of use.

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