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You don't have to use those
KlickPatrol is a free service
AdWatcher is a revolutionary,
Tracks the number of visits
cheesy AIM tracker sites
dedicated to monitoring,
all-in-one tool that helps
from people linking to you -
anymore. Brand new very easy
detecting, and reducing
you manage your online
uses a mysql table to store
automated install, all you
Pay-Per-Click fraud. Save
advertising (Pay Per Click,
referral info and displays
need is your mysql
your advertising dollars
banners, newsletters, etc.),
in a table. A modification
connection info! It tracks
track your Return on
of the referral.inc.php
the usual stats ( total
Investment (ROI), and
clicks, browser+usage
monitor your ad campaigns
percentages, os+usage
for fraudulent activity (and
percentages, date/time,
get your money back). With
ranking, last visitor) for
advanced features, such as
each user along with a
Split Testing, PPC keyword
feature called
tracking, and mobile/wap
"taglines". When a
reports, this is a perfect
user clicks on the link
tool for any business that
"X" amount of
wants to improve its
times, a form will appear
advertising techniques.
and lets them create their
own special message (no html
tags allowed) for others to
see. Install process creates
a great looking site by
default to show off your
profile stats. CSS is
customizable. Script can be
easily added to your current
webpage. AimStats has the
ability to alert you of new
user clicks and/or abuse
attempts via email
notification. This release
contains many new features
that are listed on the web
page but the major features
include: Redesigned admin
options now handled by Admin
Panel with a l/p,new
security checks, and ban
ips. A working Demo is on
the site. Enjoy :)

Date: Aug, 27 2006

Date: Aug, 12 2005

Date: Mar, 16 2005

Date: Mar, 25 2004
Allows you to track any link
Web-based user interface
Sleek new technology.
Real-time link monitoring and
you specify. Whether its a
allows you to create a link
Opentracker.net is a hit
download tracking with
webpage, email ad, PPC ad,
tracker in minutes. Total
counter, click-stream,
complete website traffic
downloadable product, etc.,
clicks and unique clicks are
stats, website tracking, and
you can use our ad tracker
provided in the free
visitor analysis software.
for it. Comes with gross
version. Detailed statistics
Easy-to-read interactive
revenue and sale calculator
provided with the paid
professional site stats.
plus ROI%. Easy to use.
Analyze statistics and
monitor web traffic in
real-time. Our focus is on
the creation of feedback
loops between webmasters and
surfers. Free trial for

Date: Nov, 26 2003

Date: Oct, 28 2003

Date: Jun, 11 2003

Date: Jan, 27 2003
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