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V3 Chat - Free hosted chat rooms

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Shout Box Pro

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Geesee Free Chat

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Add a free chat room to your
All you have to do is sign up
Geesee is free chat for your
MiniBox is a free, remotely
website. Simply copy and
for free, then put one line
website or blog. You don’t
hosted advanced shoutbox
paste a line of code into
of code on your website.
have to download or install
driven by AJAX, with
your webpage to start your
All your visitor has to do
anything, just put a few
features including tabbed
own online chat community!
is type in their name and
lines of code into your HTML
private messaging, avatars
Integrate Your Existing
message and hit the shout
code and you are done.
and a very comprehensive
Members Profiles - V3 Chat
button. They never even
Geesee allows visitors to
control panel that allows
rooms fully integrates into
leave your web page.
your site to chat with a
for easy color changing with
ANY existing dating or forum
huge community of other
a color chooser,
community website instantly.
users who are connected to
This allows your members to
Geesee from other sites.
view each others profiles
Geesee offers many chat
censoring, bans, registered
when using the chat rooms.
rooms on different topics.
users, custom smileys
Fully Customisable Chat
Rooms can be searched by
(emoticons) and much more.
Room, With Over 25 Features
tags or easily created. User
It is implemented by merely
- Welcome message, Banned
can join any chat room and
pasting a small code-snippet
Message, Max users per room,
start to chat right away
or can be viewed on a hosted
Multiple admins, Private 121
without registration. You
page (hosted at
chat, Unlimited Rooms,
don't have to have many site
planetminibox.com) for
Customisable help page,
visitors to have a
private boxes. With
SHOUT filter, Swear word
functional chat on your
refresh times as low as 1
filter, Flood filter,
website. Even if you have
second (premium version),
Display online users,
one visitor a day, he can be
the only complaint about the
Customisable template
able to have fun chatting
fact that the shoutbox is
colours and much more...
with others in Geesee
PHP-driven is also done away
Administration Control
network through Geesee on
with and users enjoy the
Panel - The V3 Chat Rooms
your site. Geesee is
advantages of instant
administration panel gives
easy to use, user-friendly,
messaging, standard
you 100% chat room
native, transparent and
shoutboxes and IRC in one
management control. Options
stable. High-quality chat
extremely streamlined
to ban abusive users, add
service will add value to
package. Planet MiniBox
multiple chat room admins,
your site and will make your
can truly rightfully claim
send transcripts to your
visitors return for more fun.
to be the home of the
email address and more...
world's leading (and most
advanced) shoutbox. Visit
com/home/en-us/features.p hp
for more information.

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Date: Nov, 12 2006

Date: Nov, 08 2006

Date: Oct, 06 2006
We offer custom solutions
All versions of Interaction
Tag-World is powerful and
KewlTalk Chat is a free chat
to each package to make your
are AJAX-based and benefit
highly advanced remotely
service that can be
community shine with a
from the Web 2.0
hosted tagboard (aka
integrated into your
original look and offer
characteristics, basically:
shoutbox/chatbox) system. It
website. KewlTalk
customer service for any
light-weight server
has more features than any
Chat-as-Service means No
changes you may need for the
technology and heavy use of
other remotely hosted
Installation, No
future of your community.
Javascript client-side.
tagboard service. It's fast,
Configuration, No
No other online chat
Interaction is a fast web
fun, simple to use and
Maintenance, No Plug-In, No
community will offer you the
application that uses
feature-filled. All you need
Database, No Chat Client
features and service that
sophisticated technology
to do is place small simple
Needed and No Cost!
Fpath has to offer. The
optimized to create the
code on your website the
Features: Fully skinable
links below will explain
minimum number or server
rest is hosted by us. It is
to match the theme of your
every feature in full detail
queries (no reloads).
perfect for small and large
site. Fully re-brandable so
so you completely understand
Interaction currently
that the service appear to
what you get with a Fpath
supports: Opera, Firefox and
be provided entirely by
Community Solution package.
Internet Explorer, and has
you. Delivers fresh new
been reported to work
contents with RSS. Live
properly with Konqueror.
Announcement to get message
Interaction is available is
out to your users. Take
3 different versions: the
less than 1 minute to
Standard version for regular
integrate the chat into your
users and bloggers, the
site. And much more…
Professional version for
power users or small
businesses, and the
Enterprise version is more
aimed at medium and large
companies with call centers.

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Date: Jun, 21 2006
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