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ShowStream is a service for
music groups, allowing you
to stream your shows LIVE
over the internet. Stream 5
shows a month for a low
price. 30, 200 and 800
listener options available.
When you create a
ShowStream account you get a
small piece of HTML you can
add to your web pages, since
the service is hosted for
you there is nothing to
install on your server!
The audio stream plays in
listeners' browsers, and a
chat room is included so
that listeners can chat with
each other. A tiny Flash
movie plays the stream, or
if Flash isn't available a
small Java applet is used.
Either way there is nothing
for the listener to download
and no security warnings or
pop-ups. If they don't have
Flash or Java, links are
displayed to play the stream
in an external player
(Windows Media Player,
Apple's iTunes, WinAmp,
etc). If you're in a
band and have MP3s of your
music available, the next
step is broadcasting your
shows online!

Date: Sep, 18 2006
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