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ClickBank Affiliate Storefront

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Build Affiliate Websites

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Forex Affiliate Programs

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Turnkey ClickBank Affiliate
Our exclusive, fully
Joining is FREE and easy,
Here's where it comes to a
Storefront. All ClickBank
automated backend is
Earn up to $300 for every
stop! Here's where you fight
products. Customizable. Just
designed to make it easy to
Pro Account! 2 Tier
back and say "no
sign up, activate your
make money on the internet
Commissions, As an
more!" You work hard to
store, and you're in
by creating and operating
affiliate, you can enjoy
generate clicks to your
business. ClickBank catalog
high-quality affiliate
unlimited earning potential.
affiliate link. Too hard to
updated daily.
websites. We provide an
The most accurate and robust
let even one sale slip
unparalleled service which
affiliate back-office system
through the cracks. So,
allows our users to manage
in the industry. Top-notch
instead of letting someone
their website with speed and
Affiliate Personnel Support
rip you off by stealing your
efficiency. Our team of
to achieve your revenue
commission, you're going to
professionals provides both
goals. Attractive incentives
begin using Affiliate
technical support and set up
for customer conversion and
Defender to HIDE your
services to our clients.
retention. Frequently
affiliate links!
updated promotional and
creative materials to assist
affiliate's marketing
efforts. Fast, reliable cash
and commission payments.
Accurate and reliable
statistics, tracking,
reporting and display.

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Date: Oct, 06 2006

Date: Sep, 29 2006

Date: Aug, 23 2006
AffPlanet is an affiliate
Affilit : Is a Free
The AffiliateSide script has
Sell posters, art prints,
software solution for any
Affiliates Network Program
been improved to offer
t-shirts, photos, magnets,
small or mid size of
that promotes webmasters web
products from amazon.com
tin signs, wall tapestries,
business. It is
sites . It works the same
(USA), amazon.ca (Canada),
notecards, standups,
full-featured powerful
way as TradeDoubler and
and amazon.co.uk (United
mirrors, over 300,000
affiliate system to manage
Commission Junction it just
Kingdom). Another script fix
products and make 25% - 30%
your affiliates and track
don't look as good yet but
includes category-specific
commission for every sale
the traffic, clicks, sales
that's where you come in.
as well as blended product
you make! Join the
or leads they refer to your
results for each page of
AllPosters Program and use
site. AffPlanet contains
your website. With
the ScriptSocket AllPosters
wide range of features which
AffiliateSide PageManager
Store to instantly set up
makes it one of the most
Service, you are able to
your own online store! Your
advanced affiliate software
easily manage your amazon
affiliate ID is hard wired
available. We continually
affiliate links. Areas are
into all pages. Products are
work on new features, which
provided to create and
shipped world wide. The
will become available to all
manage color-schemes and
ScriptSocket AllPosters
our members without
styles that match your site
Store is available in 4
additional costs.
as well as a keyword testing
FEATURES - Support for all
center which saves you time
types of commissions (per
choosing products to add to
click, per sale, per lead,
your site. Real-time
...) - Real time
statistics monitor hit
reporting - Image banners,
impressions giving you an
text links, HTML and Flash
overview on traffic through
banners, pop-ups,
various pages of your
pop-unders, banner
website. This script is one
rotators - Advanced
line of basic HTML code
affiliate management -
which is simply configured
Customizable affiliate
and placed into your
signup form - No setup fees
existing website. The
and no monthly charges -
software will request up to
Multi tier commissions and
10 search results from your
much more...
keyword(s) and display them
on your website including
your associateID to receive
commissions. Once placed on
your site, the script will
automatically include all
new products.

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