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Enomalism Virtualized Management Console


Enomalism Virtualized Management Console

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The Enomalism Virtualized Management Console (VMC) is a pre-packaged virtualization infrastructure solution based on Xen hypervisor. Servers with hundreds of multiple isolated virtualized systems can be managed like a standalone server. Enomalism also includes a virtual server creation wizard and templates to facilitate virtualized server configuration (VPS), application deployment and centralized software patch management. Enomalism eases cross-server and large server farm management. Applications can be deployed and updated on many servers simultaneously. The application console provides a centralized look at server information and software versions across all server resources, facilitating versioning and patch management. Enomalism is ideal for hosting companies looking for easily manage a VPS style hosting platform.
Platform(s): Linux, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris
Date: Jun, 30 2006
Author: Enomaly Inc, http://www.enomalism.com


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