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Python 101 (part 1): Snake Eyes

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Python 101

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Getting started with Python

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This tutorial by Devshed.com
Python is the other scripting
Do you work in C, C++, or
delves into Python's
language that starts with
Java on large projects? This
history, basic syntax, and
"P". It was named
article shows how Python
for Monty Python, the comedy
will give you results
troupe, and references to
quicker and more reliably.
their skits and films (most
Are you already scripting in
commonly to
a language other than
"Spam") appear
Python? You'll want to see
frequently in Python
how Python's careful
programs. Highly popular
engineering offers an
with Linux users and in the
easy-to-use, interactive,
open source community in
clean, object-oriented,
general, Python has a number
extensible, scalable
of advantages over other
language. Whatever
languages like Java and
programming you're doing
Perl, some of which will be
now, Python can improve it.
covered in this article.

Date: May, 30 2001

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Date: Jul, 13 2000
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