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RSS has become the standard
Adding an rss feed to your
This simple PHP script reads
This tutorial demonstates the
technology for syndicating
website is not as difficult
in a comma separated values
PHP5 SimpleXML extension by
information to large
as most people believe. The
file (that can be exported
using it to update a web
audiences. Many people have
great thing about adding RSS
from Excel) and generates a
sites Google sitemap
something to say, but its
feeds to your website is
simple XML file that
dynamically. It assumes that
finding the right audience
that the feed can keep your
encapsulates the same data.
you have a basic
for your voice that matters.
page content updated
understanding of PHP and are
A great place to start is by
automatically since you are
familiar with XML.
creating your own RSS feed
‘streaming’ information
and adding to it as often as
directly from another
you can.
website to your page!

Date: Jan, 05 2007

Date: Nov, 08 2006

Date: Oct, 17 2006

Date: Aug, 07 2006
This tutorial shows you with
This tutorial shows you By
This tutorial discusses how
In this tutorial, learn how
code examples how to process
using RSS and the MagpieRSS
to create an RSS feed from a
to utilize the XML-RPC
an XML datasource with PHP.
toolkit, you can import data
database blog.
package from the PEAR
from another web site or
repository. You will learn
news source and display that
how to write the client and
information on your own site.
server portions.

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