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SmartPPC Pro Cache Plug-In

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Want to run a web server at
The DataOne Software XML VIN
DWebPro is a web-server with
This Plug-In for SmartPPC Pro
home on your Windows XP
Decoder is a vehicle
full support for CGI and
script will allow to
workstation? Bizzar.Server
identification number
ISAPI. It could execute PHP,
drastically lower server's
uses the incredible open
decoding service that
Perl, Python. Ruby, Rebol
load.Use of cache system
source packages from Apache,
returns rich data including
and ASP/ASP.Net scrips.
increases speed of work of
PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin;
media, features, options,
It supports also MySQL,
websites with a big number
compiled into an
warranty info and reviews.
Firebird, SQLite Ms Access
of visitors. Cache system is
installation executable
It is capable of providing
and PostgreSQL databases
highly stable, easy to use
which is already
hundreds of pieces of
(with ODBC drivers). Through
and has low system
preconfigured for usage and
information on vehicles and
the configuration file, it
requirements. Currently,
automatically sets up start
returns this information to
is possible to start up and
many highly developing
menu shortcuts. As always,
your application in XML
shutdown the SQL engines
search system face with a
everything I've done is
format. This is the most
with DWebPro. DWebPro
lot of problems because of
supported at my forum for
powerful decoding solution
brings also an integrated
increasing number of their
free and this download,
on the market and very
SMTP server to ship emails
users. Growth of users'
though it weighs in at 16
reasonably priced! The
directly from hosted
number may lead to the
megs, is sure to be the
solution even allows your
website. It's free for
situation, when server's
quick and easy web server
application to quickly
personal use!
hardware looses its
you've been looking for!
determine common equipment
stability and speed to
across vehicle trims,
provide fast feedback on the
detailed color, engine,
request sent to them. This
tranismission and other
problem is often caused by
technical details. The XML
increasing number of
is very easy to parse and a
requests to the server's
full integration can be made
resources. Upgrade of
within hours.
server's hardware is
expensive and often is
impossible (when website is
hosted by a third-party
company). Using this Plug-In
you will be able to handle
much more traffic and
visitors of your Search

Date: Nov, 04 2006

Date: Sep, 13 2006

Date: Dec, 13 2005

Date: Apr, 05 2005
FreeNuker is dedicated to
Nanoweb is a modular http
The Apache HTTP Server
Merlin server is a complete
hosting PHPNuke sites for
server written in PHP. Main
Project is a web server that
web development and
free at lightning fast
features are: Good
can support many different
production server that
speed. Our PHPNuke hosting
performance, HTTP/1.1
operating environments
provides a robust deployment
is free, with no setup fee
compliant, CGI support, Name
(operating systems) and
environment for interactive,
or hidden charges. Sign up
based virtual hosts,
hardware platforms such as
database driven websites.
is instant and you are gievn
Authentication, Keep-alive
x86, PowerPC, sparc, and
Merlin Server includes
full admin access over your
connections, Server Side
almost any you could think
Abriasoft's secure,
Includes, Apache combined
of. If they don't support
SSL-supported release of the
and MySQL logging, gzip
it, they will. Apache is
Apache server, and includes
compression support, and
the daddy of all servers out
(and supports) both the
many advanced features.
there today, and best of
latest MySQL and PostgreSQL
all, it is what keeps most
database servers. Besides
internet websites free to
support for core development
users and allows for cheap
languages such as PHP and
web hosting. If you wish,
PERL, Merlin server also
download Apache for use on
provides graphical
your Windows box to test
development tools (IDEs) to
your PHP applications before
accelerate development, and
you upload them to your site.
includes a complete open
source e-commerce software
platform. Merlin server also
comes with a template-based
web portal and news system.
All the core elements are
tightly integrated to
provide a seamless
development environment.
Merlin server runs on the
Microsoft Windows and Redhat
Linux platforms.

Date: Feb, 19 2005

Date: Nov, 10 2003

Date: Apr, 14 2003

Date: Mar, 30 2001
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