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Silentum Guestbook


Silentum Guestbook

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Tired of automated bots posting spam in your guestbook and want to put a stop to it? This is what you need. Silentum Guestbook is an easy-to-set-up guestbook system that uses a text file to hold the entries, so no MySQL is required. It can be up and running in a matter of minutes and integrated easily into any page. There are an abundance of spam-related words which, when detected, prevent the entry from being added. There is also a required 4 digit verification code before posting to throw off almost all bots. Five smiley images are included to add some eye candy to the page. The guestbook allows for an unlimited number of entries, divided into pages of five entries each.
Platform(s): Windows
Date: Nov, 15 2006
Author: HyperSilence, http://hypersilence.net


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