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Sapphire is a pure PHP database wrapper class created to simplify the work with the different storage solutions in an object orientated approach. With Sapphire you cut down the development time in 70% by removing the advanced and thus unused over elaborated features of each database. Sapphire concentrates on making database working as simple and straight as possible. Sapphire is an open source software licensed under the BSD license, thus free to use in commercial projects. What Makes Sapphire Different? Sapphire supports MySQL, SQLite and pure Text databases. Sapphire's functions are so easy, making database development look like a child's play. Sapphire allows easy debugging of your database applications at any moment of their development. Sapphire is a dream come true for easy object orientated database management. If you are a beginner or an advanced user you will get really addicted to the simplicity of Sapphire.
Platform(s): Windows
Date: Jan, 09 2007
Author: REMIYA, http://remiya.com/cms/index.php?uid=30


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