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Web Shoutbox

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Flasherize Chatroom

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Smiletag is an interactive,
Web Shoutbox is a box where
How can a shoutbox so feature
ChatRoom is a powerful,
easy to use, mini-message
users can insert short
packed be so small?! I'm
lightweight Web chat room
board with powerful template
messages. It can be highly
not sure but that's not the
application. The software is
system. Some of the main
customized and it has an
point. The BJwayMods Media
designed for any type of
features of smiletag are a
administration panel to
Shoutbox is a shoutbox made
server platform and runs
Powerful template system,
delete the messages.
for simplicity. It's simple
very well on shared servers.
easy-to-modify templates
right from the start because
ChatRoom is written in the
using only simple tags, no
it installs just like a
Web's fastest programming
programming skills required.
Forum. Adding smilies isn't
language, PHP, and harnesses
Lot of themes available.
a chore because you just
the streamlined backend
Smart auto-refresh,
upload the smilies to the
MySQL. The frontend utilizes
automagically refreshes
specified folder and they'll
Flash Remoting, translating
whenever a new message is
automatically show up. It
the largest message into the
posted, this is done using
has mysql based storage and
smallest packet of
Ajax technology. Message
can be customized as much as
data. ChatRoom comes with a
Moderation, if enabled you
your site requires.
free installation to ensure
can take control for every
everything works correctly.
submitted message before
It is possible to integrate
they appear in the shoutbox.
ChatRoom into to any type of
software or Web site. Start
your community Web chats
today! There are many
reasons to use ChatRoom. The
top five reasons...
Flash takes a few seconds
to load, compared to Java
alternatives taking a few
minutes to load. Free
installation, along with
support and updates!
Display the number of
users and who's online
anywhere on your Web site.
So easy to use, no
documentation is needed!
You can have ChatRoom
customized in any way you
want, just contact us for a
price quote!

Date: Jan, 06 2007

Date: Jan, 05 2007

Date: Jan, 02 2007

Date: Dec, 28 2006
A simple, lightweight chat
Lucky Bot is an IRC Bot,
TextSend is a SMS Text
Ray is an advanced flash web
script, refreshing to
written in PHP. It's
Messaging Script that allows
communication widget suite
display new data. Works best
completely OO, has a
you to send Text Messages to
for your community website.
in Firefox. Now with login,
beautiful plugin system, and
yours or someone elses cell
Ray complete product
smilies, IE compatible
is pretty fast. Every
phone directly from your
includes: flash chat with
frames. Displays the time,
command is handled by a
site, free of charge though
audio/video conferencing,
users online and custom
plugin, and it's easy to
standard text messaging
flash audio/video instant
status icons.
create you own. Settings
rates apply to the cell
messenger, audio/video
are stored in an ini file,
phone holder.
recorder, mp3 player,
which is easy to create, and
web/desktop presence.Your
get the settings of it,
community site needs a place
especially with our Settings
where all members can talk
openly and feel the spirit
of a really live, active
community. Allow your users
to talk to each other via
Live a/v chat, Instant
Messenger. Allow your users
to record video files via
Ray Recorder and enjoy mp3
player. Allow your users
always be part of community
via Ray Web/Desktop
Presence. Ray is especially
developed to make your
community more attractive,
functional and
interactive.Ray turns your
site into an addictive
communication venue,
increasing page-views,
returning visitors count and
overall rate of your site
popularity. Get complete
control with Ray -#1
Community Widget Suite!

Date: Dec, 26 2006

Date: Dec, 25 2006

Date: Dec, 21 2006

Date: Dec, 15 2006
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