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In this tutorial you will
Browsers are notorious at
Learn how to generate weighed
Create the script once and
learn how to show random
hanging on tenaciously to
random numbers in
reference in any number of
images. It is just like an
cached pages. This problem
JavaScript, so some show up
ways. The example goes into
lmage Rotator.
is evident in Ajax
more often than others.
Date Stamps, News, Quotes,
applications when sending
etc. One file to update and
XMLHTTPRequest GET requests
one line to include in the
to Internet Explorer. Even
HTML page. You can use this
when you use all manner of
as a fake Server-Side
fancy headers like
Includes to create site
"Pragma: no-cache"
navigation. You update the
or "Cache-Control:
one .js file to alter
must-revalidate" you'll
often find that you receive
a cached page rather than a
'live' one. Here's
something else you can try,
which has worked well for
me, and essentially only
needs one line of Javascript.

Date: Oct, 09 2006

Date: Apr, 30 2006

Date: Nov, 15 2004

Date: Sep, 07 2004
A random number is useful- if
not required- in the
creation of many popular JS
applications, such as a
dice, random image script,
or random link generator.
Learn how to generate a
random number in JavaScript.

Date: Aug, 08 2002
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