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Jump Menus

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Drop Down Menu Tutorial

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Navigation Menu JavaScript

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If you have a lot of links on
A cross-platform,
This is a tutorial which
One of the simplest ways to
a page and don't have enough
cross-browser drop-down menu
creates a simple
add a navigation feature on
of space to fit them all a
system with tutorial. Works
cross-browser drop-down menu
your site is to put a drop
simple way to add the links
on version 4+ browsers. Easy
system in JavaScript. Tested
down menu on each of your
is to create a jump menu.
to set up and configure.
in IE 4+ NS 4+ NS6/7 Mozilla
pages. This short tutorial
Learn how to create jump
Includes submenus, and side
and Opera 5+. Now includes
describes how to create a
menus in Macromedia
cascading submenus.
dropdown menu in JavaScript.
Dreamweaver 4.0. Code is
also included.

Date: Dec, 04 2004

Date: Jul, 19 2004

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: May, 24 2004
A few code snippets to let
Learn how to implement a drop
For Web sites that are
The pull down menu is an
your users navigate through
down menu box using the
organized in a hierarchical
excellent to condense many
your website. It contains
SELECT element of forms and
manner, trees are a great
links into a small area. In
back and forth code, a code
way to present hierarchical
the older days the only way
to close a window or
content. This tutorial
to process a pull-down menu
frameset and a redirection.
describes how the Tree
was to use a CGI script, but
Object works, and creating
now you can do it with
your own
JavaScript. This tutorial
expandable/collapsable tree
presents several different
navigation system in
types of pull-down menus:
standard menu, menu with no
button, using in frames, and
using in a different window.

Date: Apr, 09 2002

Date: Sep, 10 2001

Date: Nov, 06 2000

Date: Jun, 27 2000
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