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XML and Java


Tip: Set up SAX Parsers

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In any JSP based web site,
The ability to save the
This article introduces the
This is the first in a series
there could be lots of
JavaBean component state for
TableModel Free (TMF)
of tips that will serve as a
repetitive web pages. By
long-term persistence within
framework which eliminates
comprehensive guide to using
using tag libraries and XML
an XML document has been a
the need to use TableModels
XML from the Java
based definition files, this
topic of much discussion
with Swing JTables. The TMF
programming language. I
can be generalized into a
with Java developers in the
framework allows for more
begin with coverage of the
framework based rendering.
past few years. This feature
configurable JTables by
SAX API. This tipreviews
This article illustrates
has finally been adopted in
moving all of table-specific
getting an instance of a SAX
such usage to render a web
the 1.4 version of J2SE.
data outside of the compiled
parser and setting various
This article shows you how
code and into a configurable
features and properties on
to use the new XMLEncoder
XML file. Framework
that parser.
and XMLDecoder classes,
developer and Java UI
bypassing serialization and
enthusiast Michael Abernethy
allowing you to generate
walks you through TMF
fully initialized bean
framework, helping you
reduce the size of a
TableModel from hundreds of
lines of code to just a
single line, making
management a snap.

Date: Jun, 24 2003

Date: Aug, 07 2001

Date: Oct, 21 2004

Date: Jul, 07 2003
XML developers used to rely
This is a simple function
on XML parsers to read XML
used to encode text and
files. They also used to
attribute values before
rely on XML processors to
adding them to your XML
transform XML to *ML (HTML,
documents. This code can
XML, etc.). However, most of
always be extended to handle
them forget these tools to
maore special characters
generate XML from scratch.
They should not. This
article presents code
samples for generating XML

Date: Jul, 08 2002

Date: May, 21 2004
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