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Paging Records in JSP

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Counting Records in MySQL by JSP

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Introduction to Jena

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You can divide database
This code source displays
A tutorial on how to connect
RDF is increasingly
results into pages with this
count of records in MySQL.
to a MySQL Database using
recognized as an excellent
script. This source code is
We are using a SQL
Connector/J JDBC Driver.
choice for representing and
for available to use with
statement. You can easily
Explains what are database
processing semi-structured
MySQL. But you can modify
modify the code to use in
URLs? Why and how to specify
data. In this article, Web
the code to use with
different languages. But
JDBC driver names? Then
developer Philip McCarthy
PostgreSql and Oracle. You
this code can be used for
moves on to write a simple
shows you how to use the
can not use this code with
JSP with MySQL. We will use
Java program to connect to a
Jena Semantic Web Toolkit to
MS-SQL. Becuase MS-SQL does
Connector/J driver to
MySQL database server.
exploit RDF data models in
not support using 'LIMIT' in
connect database.
Explains all the code in
your Java applications.
your sql queries.

Date: Nov, 26 2003

Date: Nov, 26 2003

Date: Sep, 05 2003

Date: Jun, 25 2004
This article provides a brief
A tutorial on obtaining,
A tutorial on how to create
This tutorial shows you how
introduction to JDBC.
installing and configuring
and execute JDBC SQL
to build a database
Explains what is JDBC and
MySQL Database and
Statements and display
application using Java 2
how it can be used to access
Connector/J JDBC Driver for
records from a table in a
Micro Edition (J2ME) Record
RDBMS. Provides a brief
use on Microsoft Windows.
MySQL Database. Also covers
Management System (RMS). It
overview of JDBC
Advanced topics covered
topics like creating
also demonstrates how to
include installing MySQL as
databases and tables in
craft a MIDlet that performs
a Windows service and
MySQL. All code is explained
the necessary logic of
configuring MySQL and
in detail.
creating and accessing a
Connector/J JDBC Driver to
sample database application
use named pipes.
and deploys it to a J2ME

Date: Sep, 02 2003

Date: Sep, 02 2003

Date: Sep, 10 2003

Date: Jun, 20 2004
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