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The HotJoe Java Forums
This is the perfect unique
* Ability to deliver Live
Here you can find any and all
provide help for new and
tool that quickly submits
content in a high quality
discussion regarding Java.
experienced Java users in a
your information to message
video and audio format
many users are sharing Free
large variety of topics.
boards/blogs or many other
directly to your paying
codes and functions for
The forum has discussions
web scripts using the most
customers. * No downloads
others to use you can
from basic Java usage
effective technique and
for your customers! Live
benefit from this too.
through servlets and EJB's.
offers you fantastic
content could be surfed via
There is also a technical
opportunities for web site
the web pages. * Allows to
article forum to publish
promotion, increasing the
make your own live studio,
your how-to's and ask for
link popularity of your web
or have performers work for
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you from their homes. *
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Quality Video and Audio. *
This is a unique product
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parsing abilities. The main
* SoftService WebVideo fully
features of our submission
supports any combination of
software are: enhanced
studio camera setups as well
submission services,
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searching of blog sites,
Connect multiple "home
saving list of blog site
cams" or studios and
URLs. You have a
create a large, 'virtual'
possibility to post
studio). * Block of time
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form structure. You will get
additional time *
full post
Per-Minute billing. Users
pay o

Date: Apr, 19 2006

Date: Mar, 16 2006

Date: Dec, 07 2005

Date: Jun, 12 2005
Java Editors brings an
The side Java Performance
With so much emphasis placed
Wireless programming using
extensive list of Editors
Portal is for all Java
on the server, client-side
the Java platform can be a
and other development tools
Developer, Architects,
Java developers may find it
bit tricky. Let J2ME expert
for Java. All Java software
Consultants and many more
difficult to find relevant
Wes Biggs light the way in
is fully reviewed and allows
people. You should use this
and up-to-date information.
this new discussion forum.
programmers to add their own
community to exchange your
This discussion forum
experience in using Java.
focuses on topics like AWT,
Search for some specific
Swing, Java 2D, Web Start,
topics or just read articles
and others. If you have
about Java
questions on the client, the
Performance. Join the
moderator (John Zukowski)
community today. It's free.
may have the answers.
Feel free to post your
comments, add stories about
Java Performance Issues (or
common Performance Issues)
or give us some links to
other interessting sites. If
you miss any category in
Topics, WebLinks or
Downloads, please write an
email (Feedback) and we will
try to add your suggestion.

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