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JSP and Servlets


Java Language Essentials

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Understanding Java Servlets

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An overview of the JSP
Dan Shafer from CNET argues
In this interview with
technology while comparing
"Microsoft and Netscape
webreview.com, Paul Colton
it to ASP.
have yet to show any serious
of Live Software answers a
commitment to supporting
number of questions about
browser standards. You can
the importance of Java
solve your
servlets such as the
difference between a Java
problems by simply switching
applet and a Java servlet,
the burden from the client
whether servlets require a
to the server. Java servlets
specialized server, if the
are safer, easier to write,
Java Servlet API is
and more efficient than CGI
dependent on the Java Web
applications. Web builders
Server, and more.
need to think seriously
about taking the time to
learn Java." Read the
full story for more.

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