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TrackStudio Enterprise


TrackStudio Enterprise

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TrackStudio is a powerful and highly flexible issue tracking system. Support for hierarchical structures, project-specific customization, and issue-level security allows users to customize nearly every aspect of the system with a few clicks of the mouse. Automatic and highly customizable e-mail notification ensures that all team members are tied into the issue and change tracking process. As change requests are updated, e-mail messages indicating the changes are sent automatically to the appropriate stakeholders. TrackStudio is a highly scalable issue tracking solution. Whatever the size of your development team, wherever they are located, and no matter what platform they use, TrackStudio efficiently captures, tracks, and manages any type of change. SOAP API enables you to integrate our issue tracking system with call-center, front-office, and other third-party software.
Platform(s): Windows
Date: Jan, 06 2007
Author: TrackStudio, Ltd, http://www.trackstudio.com


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