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Introduction to Flash


Realistic shadow in flash

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Tears in Flash

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Animated cloud in Flash

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In this easy tutorial made
this page shows how to
This tutorial will teach you
This tutorial will show you
for Flash 8, you will see
correctly use the pixel
how to create a tear using
how to draw cloud using some
how to create realistic
fonts in macromedia flash
Color Mixer Panel. This
tricks and flash
shadow in flash with no
for best quality results.
tutorial is also
technics.Note! To create
Action Script, using the
You will find some important
introduction for following
this tutorial you'll need to
Shadow filters and Transform
rules when working with
tutorial, in which I will
use Flas 8.
flash and pixel fonts, also
show you how to create a
we provide some locations
Human cry animation. Let's
where you can download free
pixel fonts.

Date: Jan, 07 2007

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Oct, 03 2006

Date: Sep, 12 2006
This tutorial has been built
Allways, when you import a
Scrollbar is very popular in
This tutorial will show you
for new flash learners. The
sound into a Flash, it seems
Flash. This tutorial
how to convert a normal
tutorial offers lots of
very "cool" and
explains how to create
picture in the picture that
examples and gives you lots
"grace". The sound
simple scrollbar using
seems like a poster using
of exercises so that you can
is very important when you
action script.
trace option in Macromedia
obtain a solid background in
using it for some elements
Flash. This is very cool and
in your web site (flash
practical effect which you
menu, flash intro, some
can use it wherever you
presentation..), becouse it
like. It is so easily to
makes your web site more
create it, so let's go!
powerful and it will leave a
better impression. This
tutorial will teach you how
to import a sound into a
flash, how to create a
button wich will make a
sound on click. This
tutorial is for beginners
who have no experiance of
using Flash.

Date: Aug, 30 2006

Date: Aug, 22 2006

Date: Aug, 19 2006

Date: Aug, 17 2006
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