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Vertical Flash Menu

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Creating a simple plastic button

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Learn this tutorial and see
This tutorial shows step by
Made for cookiejest.com, it
You have 2 or more boxes
how to create vertical flash
step how to create a simple
explains the basics of
(circles, triangles,
menu in flash 8 using the
plastic button in macromedia
creating the three most used
whatever). The middle of one
Action Script.
types of buttons. Play and
is colored, you click on a
replay buttons, hyperlink
different box and the middle
buttons in flash and
color slides to the box you
rollover buttons. This
clicked with a cool sliding
is a great tutorial for
effect (a faded trail). This
begginners with not much
effect is highly re-usable
flash experiance. It is an
and easy to implement with
easy step by step proccess
different shapes and several
and its completely FREE!!
of them. Source code
included! Concepts:
actionscript animation,
button press.

Date: Dec, 13 2006

Date: Nov, 28 2006

Date: Sep, 27 2006

Date: Apr, 15 2006
This tutorial describes a
method of using JavaScript
within your Flash movie
without using any external
JavaScript in the html your
movie is embedded in. There
is also a Javascript code
generator done in Flash with
this Tutorial, which can add
some very advanced Pop-up
window effects for your
Flash Movie (or with a few
modifications to any html
Link). This tutorial starts
off with the basic method
involved then goes into some
more advanced effects. And
finally finishes off by
describing how to
dynamically update the movie
located in your pop-up with
JavaScript from your parent

Date: Sep, 10 2003
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