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Tribulant Flash File Upload Script


Tribulant Flash File Upload Script

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The Tribulant Flash File Upload v1.0 Script allows users on your website, and yourself to upload files directly to your server using a Flash interface with a set of great features. By using a PHP backend file to physically upload the file using PHP functions, you as the administrator have control over the folder to which the files will be uploaded and any other uploading values such as the filename, filesize, filetype, etc… This Flash application has error handling to check if the criteria of the file which the user is trying to upload is suitable. If not, the user will be presented with an error on the first slide. Case the file is fine, the Flash interface will move to a second slide where an upload progress bar, uploading percentage and also the KB uploaded compared to the total KB of the file is shown. Once uploading has completed, the file will be on your server and the flash interface will move back to the upload form slide.
Platform(s): Windows
Date: Jan, 02 2007
Author: Antonie Potgieter, http://www.tribulant.com/scripts.php?method=view&id=9


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