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csPost - Forum script!


csPost - Forum script!

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csPost easily allows you to add interactivity to your website by allowing visitors to post a comment or message by adding a very light forum-type script to a page. See the examples below to see how the script can be used in your site. Features -The postings can be displayed on any page on your website. -Management is able to delete postings. -Enable or disable HTML code in the postings. -Match the look and feel of your site by easily editing the template files. -Easily grab the code for your pages using our powerful Links Wizardô -Link code types are: JavaScript, Server Side Include (SSI), or PHP. Uses for csPost -Message board -News postings -Event postings -User comments -Customer comments -Feedback
Platform(s): Windows
Date: Dec, 22 2006
Author: Andy Angrick / Mike Barone, http://www.cgiscript.net/cgi-script/csNews/csNews.cgi?database=cgi.db&command=viewone&id=76


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