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BIT Customer Relations v1


BIT Customer Relations v1

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* Call back calendar Set a call back date for customers and have it display on the Call Calendar. Easy way to remember to call your contacts back at the right time. * Organization Types Add your customer's Organization Types, ie Government, Corporate... *Organzations Add organizations related to the organization type. * Custom Fields Per Organization Type Set custom fields for each organization type. 3 text fields and 3 yes/no fields. You can set the labels in the admin section. This provides for a easy way to track custom information related to each organization type. * Contact Notes Record your notes from each customer contact. Use to Remeber the details of each contact you have with each customer. *Custom Phone Types. Set your own phone types. i.e. Cell, office, etc Custom Contact Types. Set your own contact types. i.e. Email, Phone, etc This can be used to track comments each time you speak with a person. Custom Colors & much more
Platform(s): Windows
Date: Dec, 24 2006
Author: Benson IT Solutions, inc, http://www.bensonitsolutions.com/custrel


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