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Using SQLite with Visual C++

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Learn from ebook and well
Would you like to know how to
Would you like to know how to
Would you like to know how to
commented source codes, the
create MySQL client
create MySQL client
create embedded SQL database
easy way to use MySQL with
applications using Visual
applications using Visual
applications using using
C#. In addition to the
C++ with MySQL C API?
C++ with MySQL++ class
Visual C++ with SQLite?
ebook, this package contains
What is MySQL? The MySQL
library? What is MySQL?
What is SQLite? SQLite is
a real world .NET program
database server is the
The MySQL database server is
a C library that implements
that allows you to manage a
world's most popular open
the world's most popular
an embeddable SQL database
collection of MySQL and C#
source database. Its C API
open source database. Its
engine. Are you looking
programming tips and tricks.
allows you to easily create
MySQL++ C++ class library
for a way to create compact
This program implements C#
clients that accesses the
allows you to easily create
and yet very powerful
codes that show you how to
database, either on a local
clients that accesses the
database applications
add new records, edit
computer, LAN or the
database, either on a local
without without having to
existing records, delete
Internet. If you are
computer, LAN or the
buy a commercial database
selected records and search
looking for a full example
Internet. If you are
server? Do you want full
for specific records.
source code for a complete
looking for a full example
control over the size of
Included with both the demo
MFC C++ program that uses
source code for a complete
your database applications
version and the full version
the MySQL C API to access a
MFC C++ program that uses
without having to use ADO,
is a SQL file of sample data
MySQL database, then this
the MySQL++ class library to
ODBC and other bloated
for you to import into a
package is for you.
access a MySQL database,
libraries? Are you a
MySQL server. The sample
then this package is for you.
shareware programmer having
data contains several common
trouble finding a database
MySQL and C# programming
server suits your unique
needs? Why not use SQLite?
If you answered
"Yes" then
download this sample eBook
to see what it can do for

Date: Nov, 14 2006

Date: Nov, 30 2005

Date: Aug, 05 2005

Date: Aug, 04 2005
This free training covers all
the topics you need to learn
in order to become master in
MSAS along with the screen
shots and sample code with
step by step instructions.
Please visit the site for
the details on the topcs
covered. Introduction to
Data Warehousing and OLAP,
Introducing Data
Warehousing, Introducing
Analysis Manager Wizards,
Understanding Analysis
Services Architecture,
Building Dimensions Using
the Dimension Editor, Using
Advanced Dimension Settings,
Working with Cubes and
Measures, Managing Storage
and Optimization, Processing
Dimensions and Cubes.
Managing Partitions,
Implementing Calculations
Using MDX, Working with
Virtual Cubes, Using
Actions, Drillthrough and
Writeback, and Implementing

Date: Mar, 02 2005
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