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Send an Email with ASP/PHP/Perl

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Sending eMail in ASP (CDONTS)

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Assuming your flash IDE is
If you use this code, with
Learn how to email the
Learn how to send an email
open already let’s go ahead
the changes suggested in the
contents of a form using the
and get started. In this
comments, you will be able
CDONTS component from ASP.
alternative for sending
tutorial we’ll cover sending
to completely validate a
emails with Win2k and
emails through flash using a
submitted e-mail address.
WinXP. If you currently
server side script in ASP,
It checks for invalid
use CDONTS for sending
PHP, or Perl we will cover
characters, an invalid
email, the time may have
all three. With this you can
domain, and an invalid or
come to bury the dead and
add email functionality to
missing MX record at the
move on. Microsoft
your flash website for
introduced CDONTS with IIS4,
endless possibilities. There
allowing programmers to
are a few things to note
easily send email from ASP
here. It is a very wise
without purchasing and
choice to restrict some
installing 3rd-party
aspects of this application.
components. But, like any
Allowing users to decide
evolving technology, a new
where the email is going can
version has taken center
lead to some serious
stage. CDOSYS is Microsoft's
headaches. By giving users
new and improved interface
that ability you open
for SMTP email which was
yourself to the user using
introduced in Windows 2000.
it for anonymous emails, so
be careful.

Date: Jan, 02 2007

Date: Sep, 25 2006

Date: Jan, 04 2006

Date: Dec, 21 2005
Before the sending of a mail
Let's you add an user email
If you are using a Windows
This shows the basics of
to avoid a useless excess
account to windows 2003 pop3
2000 / 2003 Server, or even
sending email using CDONTS
load on IIS, it is possible
service using script. The
XP Pro chances are that
to use a simple function to
script is written in VBA 6
CDOSYS is your best bet for
verify that the email
(You can use it in Visual
sending email from Active
address is well formed. In a
basic 6, Excel, Access,
Server Pages. That is
more pushed process we could
...), you can modify it for
because CDOSYS is installed
be also brought to
VB Script or VB.Net. Manage
on all of them by default.
interrogate the smtp
accounts locally or remotelly
Gone are the days of using
corresponding server to know
CDONTS which was the old way
if the address exists or not.
of sending email from ASP.
CDOSYS is it's
replacement. That being
said there are actually a
lot of ways to configure and
use CDOSYS. When I 1st
started using CDOSYS I
assumed the CDOSYS code I
was using would work in any
situation, but that is not
the case. This is something
most articles about CDOSYS
do not mention so I am going
to show you 3 different
CDOSYS examples each sending
email using a slightly
different method.

Date: Oct, 19 2005

Date: Sep, 15 2005

Date: Jun, 27 2005

Date: Apr, 18 2005
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