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Event Log Management

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Project Management Software

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.NET Framework Overview

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The Event Log service
Project management software
This article explores the
In this interview, Wrox
enforces a standard logging
can mean the difference
pros and cons of Microsoft's
authors and .NET experts
format and makes it easy to
between your project being
.NET platform, then presents
Rocky Lhotka and Billy
view logs by using a single
successful or falling apart.
up some code to demonstrate
Hollis discuss their work on
event viewer application
.NET's language
Professional VB.NET and what
that provides one-stop
excites them about this new
shopping for the system
technology. Billy Hollis
first learned BASIC over 25
years ago, and is co-author
of the first book ever
published on Visual
Programming with the Public
Beta from Wrox Press. Billy
is MSDN Regional Director of
Developer Relations in
Nashville, Tennessee for
Microsoft, and also has his
own consulting company.
Rockford Lhotka is co-author
of VB.NET Programming with
the Public Beta, author of
Professional Visual Basic 6
Distributed Objects and
Visual Basic 6 Business
Objects and is the Principal
Technology Evangelist for
one of the nation's premiere
Microsoft Certified Solution

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