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Beginning Active Server Pages 2.0

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Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0

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ASP by Example assumes a
Active Server Pages for
While this may be a
Beginning Active Server Pages
basic knowledge of VBScript
Dummies proves that despite
"basic ASP" book,
3.0 is an excellent
and teaches you how to
the initially intimidating
ASP is being looked at not
introduction to the ASP 3.0.
create dynamic web sites
appearance of some ASP code,
only by novice Web
This guide expects no
quickly and easily. Using
the system isn't hard to
developers, but by
previous ASP knowledge or
real-world examples, ASP 3
learn and can be a lot of
experienced developers and
even previous Web
by Example teaches proper,
fun. The book delivers a
Webmasters wanting to
development experience. Its
accepted coding techniques
carefully structured
develop a second or third
friendly style makes this
that will cause fewer
introduction to ASP
generation Web site.
book welcome reading at all
problems and allow you to
technology. The examples
Illustrated with lots of
skill levels. The material
apply your knowledge to more
aren't all academic
real world examples, these
is carefully presented to
than simply the task at
either--you'll find code
pages show how to use Visual
avoid losing readers who are
hand. Topics include: ASP,
(printed and on the
InterDev and Access 97 to
totally new to ASP
objects, cookies,
companion CD-ROM) for a
develop ASP applications.
programming, yet it still
applications, and database
date-stamper, a banner-ad
provides impressive
rotator, a guestbook, and
technical coverage,
even a near-real-time chat
beginning with the very
room and a system for
basic concepts behind ASP
managing classified ads.
programming and moving
Topics include: Basics of
forward to advanced coding
ASP, VBScript, JScript, the
techniques. As each topic is
ASP object model, server
presented, relevant screen
components, database
shots and useful code
connectivity, Visual
snippets under the heading
InterDev, and popular ASP
"How It Works"
complement the text. The
chapters also include
step-by-step exercises to
familiarize you with new
techniques and tools. An
extensive case study
application takes you
through the entire
development process as well.
If you're interested in Web
coding Microsoft-style, this
is the right place to start.

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Jan, 17 2000

Date: Jun, 25 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006
Beginning ASP Databases
Beginning with design
Designing Active Server Pages
The only comprehensive manual
offers an entry point to one
considerations, this book
provides an important tool
in PDF format for this
of the most crucial aspects
will take you through each
for often-overworked ASP
popular e-commerce software.
of Microsoft-oriented Web
and every stage of setting
programmers: a set of
Three volumes for the price
up a secure and efficient
techniques for making the
of one. Everything you want
integration with Active
e-commerce site. First we'll
wisest use of the technology
to know in one concise
Server Pages. In Beginning
show you how to create a
in a production environment.
location. Detailed set-up
ASP Databases, a trio of
solid infrastructure for
Targeting an audience of
examples for merchants.
authors covers the basics of
your site. This includes
readers who already are
Detailed ASP coding examples
working with databases from
setting up and configuring
seasoned in ASP, this book
for web developers. The only
ASP--especially using
the web server, choosing a
explores techniques for
documentation that includes
ActiveX Database Objects
hosting option and
producing "reusable and
the internals and database
(ADO). The book is quite
installing all the necessary
robust ASP
substantive in content but
software. Next, we will show
is written in a somewhat
you how to actually build
Presentation and example
light-hearted style that
the site content and
compose the approach here,
makes readers new to the
features. Taking into
with concise tables of
technology comfortable.
consideration the use of a
information and descriptions
Topics covered: ADO/OLE DB
product database, the use of
that make the book a fast
architecture, SQL,
a customer shopping cart,
read. Topics covered:
recordsets, databases and
efficient order processing
Choosing a server-side
cookies, error handling,
and tracking as well as
scripting language,
command object, stored
detailing secure and private
Exception handling, Regular
procedures, irregular data
credit card transactions.
expressions, Building
handling, performance
Throughout this, design
reusable forms, Reusable
testing and tuning.
issues such as a search
database administration
options and site navigation
pages, COM overview,
will be addressed. We'll do
Lesser-known Microsoft COM
all this using a combination
components, and Important
of ASP, VB components and
third-party COM components.
ADO. Once the site is live
and complete, this book will
also detail how you can take
your site further, for
example auctions, promotions
and analyzing visitors.

Date: Jun, 24 2000

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Jun, 15 2006
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