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AJAX file upload

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DP Shoutbox Using AJAX Interface

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Ajax form elements.

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An Ajax addon for your site,
Cross browser method to
New Features Include Improved
Place linked select boxes on
have your visiters submit an
upload files (submit forms)
Swear Filtering System, Anti
to your page that dynamicaly
address without reloading
using AJAX in only 1Kb of
Flooding System, User can
load items from database
the whole page. The email
code. Tested in IE5.5+,
delete their own post in a
using Ajax. Like
address is checked against
FF1.0+, OP 8.0+
specified time by Admin,
existing entries and if it
Auto Converting of Posted
selections. You can chain
is correct syntax. Files are
Links to clickable
as many select boxes as you
stored in a protected .txt
URL,Exclusive Admin
like. Extra filtering
file. There is no need for a
Nicknames cannot be used bu
parameter for roor select
mySQL database.
Users,Improved fool proof
box so all data can be
System and Many More. FREE!
stored in one db
Update* Now Includes the
table. Tested on FF and IE
AJAX Interface. AJAX lets
for windows and now on FF
you post message without
and Safari for mac. In
refreshing the browser.
the same file sc_classes.php
there is an other class.
Called sc_form_elements.
Used partialy from
sc_ajax_select_boxes. It is
a nice form helper class.
Adds select boxes, radio
groups and check box groups.
It is usual to have options
on db and have to populate
with them select boxes, or
show a list of radio buttons
or a list of checkboxes. The
routine is to query the
database and loop throu the
selected rows and add
elements to the form.
sc_form_elements class comes
to save time rewriting that
peace of code again and
again, but still have
control over the form.

Date: Jan, 03 2007

Date: Jan, 02 2007

Date: Dec, 26 2006

Date: Dec, 22 2006
The new Rico Accordion
This simple contact-form
dhtmlxTreeGrid is a
With a list of skype
version. You can change its
validates the user's data in
cross-browser JavaScript
operators you can add a
behavior in many different
the background at the same
component that combines
receptionist tool to your
ways by modifying only one
time the user is filling in
editable table and tree
site. This will let
parameter in most cases.
the form by use of Ajax.
view. It represents both
customers who are in need of
Lots of examples. A easy to
After the user clicks the
hierarchical and tabular
help contact you directly
use and powerful library.
submit-button, the message
data and allows client-side
through skype. Much greater
is sent to you by e-mail in
data entry and editing. Ajax
conversion rates can be
the background and the user
support and rich JavaScript
achieved by talking directly
gets a confirmation-message
API brings great flexibility
with customers.
and confirmation-email
to the treegrid allowing you
without loading a new page
to create customizable
(use of Ajax). All this
dynamic tables with
can be installed very
easily: just copy the
rows. dhtmlxTreeGrid
supports data sorting,
into your webpage and load
column resizing,
both the webpage and the
drag-and-drop and different
php-script into one folder
cell types.
on your webserver.

Date: Dec, 22 2006

Date: Dec, 21 2006

Date: Dec, 16 2006

Date: Dec, 15 2006
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